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Yunnan (Damaged)

Yunnan (Damaged)

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One of the victims of our recent store flood was Yunnan. We have some copies with damage to the box where water was able to get through holes in the shrink wrap. We have not opened these and cannot confirm the extent of the water damage.

More than 1,000 years ago, tea farmers in China's Yunnan province began shipping the coveted pu'er tea, named after the town Pu’er in Yunnan, to far-away regions like Tibet and India. Using pack animals, Chinese tea traders embarked on long journeys through dangerous mountain terrain.

Yunnan is set during the Song dynasty (960-1279). In the game, players control the fate of their tea business. The aim is to establish a wide and seamless trading network to deliver tea to the farthest provinces. Already in their hometown of Pu’er players set the course for a lucrative business. New traders need to be trained, better horses procured and sufficient border passes applied for to be able to cross Province borders. 

But trade alone is not enough to beat the growing competition. A strong social influence is needed and the construction of an exclusive teahouse helps to appease the province inspector. Newly built bridges allow shortcuts and trading posts in the distance secure the route along the “Tea Horse Road”.

Good timing, clever tactics when bidding and a prudent expansion of one's own trade network are required to win this game without luck elements.

The new edition of Yunnan excels with its beautiful graphics, some new and adapted mechanics and a completely new 2-player-game!

Game Components

1 Game Board, 5 Victory Point Markers, 5 Horses, 5 Income Markers, 5 Progress Markers, 5 Turn Order Markers, 5 Guards Markers, 35 Traders, 10 Bridges, 10 Trading Posts, 10 Teahouses, 5 “100 VP” Tokens, 1 Gorge Blocker, 1 Province Inspector, 14 Present Tokens, 16 Dúli Cards, 53 “Coins”, 2 Rule Booklets (English and German)

Author: Aaron Haag
Graphics: David Schneider

Number of players: 2-5
Age: 12+
Playing time: 60+ minutes

Yunnan will be produced in Europe and the print run is limited to 1,000 copies. 



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