About Behold Games

Behold Games can trace its origins to the Sydney Tabletop Games meetup group which was started by Teena in March 7th 2015, after seeing the meetup group grow, and finding a lack of available space in the CBD for a large group of board gamers to meet, Teena decided to start Behold Games in 2018.

Initially used to hire venues for board game events, in late 2018 Behold Games branched out into online retail, and found a niche in the gaming community becoming the go-to place for all types of dice. In 2021 Behold Games launched its first brick and mortar store in Ultimo, NSW and now features weekly board game events, MTG, and RPG sessions in store. 

Behold Games is an Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares, and is GST registered. ACN: 627 897 876 / ABN: 30 627 897 876

Meet The Behold Games Team

Teena - Founder


Behold Games was founded Teena who also goes by the name Glompbot on Boardgamegeek. 

She is an avid board game and RPG player, and is also a not-so-secret dice goblin. Known for founding Sydney Tabletop Games, the Board Game Cruise, being an active administrator of the community facebook group Australian Board Game Geeks,

She’s passionate about making the board game hobby accessible to beginners and satisfying for experienced gamers. She has a strong focus on getting beginners into euro strategy board games, and helping people learn how to role play. 

Her favourite games are Magic The Gathering, medium to heavy euro strategy games with great themes, and her favourite RPGs are Vampire: The Masquerade, Call of Cthulhu and D&D 5e.

Rhianna is a passionate Magic player, her favourite format is 7 Point Highlander. She'll be in the shop helping run our regular Magic events, and she can also be found around Australia as a Level 2 Magic Judge at many competitive events. 

Want to know about Magic or chat about the products? Rhianna is your in-store gal. 

Rhianna - Retail & MTG All-Rounder

Jay - Retail All-Rounder

Jay is a big fan of board games of all shapes and sizes. They especially love quirky indie board games and RPGs, and will happily recommend what is sure to be your next favourite game! 

Jay has a dragon’s hoard of dice, tea, board games and books and is rapidly running out of space for all of these. 

Pixel is a proud transfemme forever GM who’s been running tabletop RPGs longer than she’s been playing them! Over a five year period she wrote, run, and organised tabletop RPG adventures for young people through volunteer programs at both Randwick & Bayside Council libraries, and has since run games as a professional GM for over 3 years. 

Pixel runs all sorts of games in a variety of systems & settings, from well known games like Dungeons & Dragons and Cyberpunk, to a wide variety of smaller & indie games; her favourites today are Monster of the Week, Call of Cthulhu, and Eclipse Phase. 

When she’s not running games, Pixel talks about them on her TTRPG news & chat show Tabletop Tales, and creates them. They’re one half of the team behind CYBERCRACK: Soy Runners, a fast & loose love letter to Cyberpunk, and is the sole creator of The Road That Rises.

Chat to us about having Pixel run a customised session for you in store! 

Pixel - Store GM