About Us


Behold Games can trace its origins to the Sydney Tabletop Games meetup group which was started by Teena in March 7th 2015, after seeing the meetup group grow, and finding a lack of available space in the CBD for a large group of board gamers to meet, Teena decided to start Behold Games in 2018.

Initially used to hire venues for board game events, in late 2018 Behold Games branched out into online retail. During 2019 and a chance encounter whilst visiting Canberra Behold Games met some lovely Dice Lovers who pleaded for a shop to get in difficult to find dice. 

Whilst events are still the core business for Behold Games, with Behold Games running two conventions per year (18xx Con, and Board Game Cruise Club), Behold Games now has over 1,000 products across dice, RPGs, minis, board games, and accessories. Behold games is now the first stop for many people when searching for dice as we have Australia’s widest range of dice brands.

In 2021 Behold Games launched its first by-appointment shop front in Ultimo, NSW.

Behold Games wouldn't be where it is today without the support of the community. But special thanks goes to Jazzie Lee Quinn who helped come up with the name, and the Sydney Roleplaying Games Association who helped support the Sydney Tabletop Games group during a transition period. Special thanks also goes to graphic designer Alex Wynnter for creating the business logo and other artefacts. Who knew how prophetic the dice in the logo would be for what Behold Games has become.

Behold Games is an Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares, and is GST registered.

ACN: 627 897 876 / ABN: 30 627 897 876



Behold Games was founded and is run solely by Teena who also goes by the name Glompbot on board game geek. 

She is an avid board game and RPG player, and is also a not-so-secret dice goblin. Known for founding Sydney Tabletop Games, the Board Game Cruise Club, being an active administrator of the community facebook group Australian Board Game Geeks, and being a committee member for the SRGA which runs EyeCon and SydCon RPG conventions each year.

She’s passionate about making the board game hobby accessible to beginners and satisfying for experienced gamers. She has a strong focus on getting beginners into euro strategy board games, and helping people learn how to role play.

Her favourite games are medium to heavy euro strategy games with great themes, and her favourite RPGs are Call of Cthulhu and D&D 5e Adventurers League.