The Environment

Behold Games believes in making small steps to cut down on waste, so your order might not come in the prettiest packaging, and might have an odd mix of padding inside, but it will arrive safely and with reduced environmental impact. Some of the small steps we take are listed below: 

Shop Pay:

  • If you pay via Shop Pay (instead of PayPal) then you are automatically taking part in the Shop carbon offset scheme which offsets the environmental cost of your delivery by funding the protection of rainforests.

Packaging & Padding for your order is reused and recycled, or able to be reused and recycled:

  • The tape we use on boxes is made from paper, and we are slowly moving to environmentally friendly water activated tape.
  • Bubble wrap we use is made from recycled plastic, or is reused bubble wrap from orders we receive, we are also investigating other padding options.
  • Packing peanuts we receive are reused in orders we send to you.
  • Air-Cells and Kraft Paper void fill are reused from orders we receive.
  • Cardboard boxes and cardboard padding are reused where possible. Rather than buy boxes to fit, I sometimes will cut boxes down to size for your delivery, this helps reuse before recycling. 
  • We have phased out mailers with plastic, moving to cardboard padded bags instead (three types: Corrugated cardboard envelope, honeycomb wrap padded envelope, and the Jiffy padded mailer with recycled materials in the lining to serve as padding). 

Large Boxes:

Behold Games frequently receives orders in large boxes, to encourage re-use we're happy to give these away to members of the community who need them for things such as storage or moving house - just get in touch or keep an eye out for our semi-frequent posts on Facebook!