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Vindication: Community Pack 2019

Vindication: Community Pack 2019

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The community designed Promo Pack was made for the Kickstarter of the first expansion Vindication: Leaders & Alliances. This pack contains new cards for the base game that were created by the community during the 2019 Kickstarter.

This pack includes:
Companion - Rho, the Illuminated
Companion - Tensho of the Warded Way
Companion - Bracca, The Tactical
Companion - Betra, Shadowstepper
Relic - Dreams of Daedalus
Monster - Grewl, of the Muck
Monster - The Lurking Herd
Trait - Grit
Trait - Benevolence
Pet - Agios, the Wandering Guardian
Pet - Neeko the Playful
Pet - Aria, the Winged Chime


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