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Q WORKSHOP 20 years: Elvish Dice Set

Q WORKSHOP 20 years: Elvish Dice Set

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Elven Longevity

Presenting the Q WORKSHOP 20 YEARS: Elvish Dice Set, a new color variant for our beloved design. Delicate digits are surrounded by Elvish runes, forming inscriptions along the dice faces. The turquoise paintings on the shimmering-black background infused with glitter dust symbolize two decades of our company's existence.

20 years of Dice โ€” The set includes 7 items: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D100.

20 years of Passion โ€” The background of the dice is shimmering-black (infused with glitter dust), and the paintings are turquoise - just as the colors of our companyโ€™s logo.

20 years of Elegance โ€” The font of the digits is styled after Elvish writing, with gentle wavy tails and accents.

20 years of Ingenuity โ€” Besides delicate digits, there are runic inscriptions in the ancient language of the elves on the dice faces.

20 years of Stories โ€” The Q WORKSHOP 20 years: Elvish Dice Set is produced in Poland, EU.

In each of the anniversary sets, you will find a special sticker. After collecting all, please send them to Q Workshop to receive a special figurine.


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