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Port Arthur

Port Arthur

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Refight the naval war that established Japan as an imperial powerย 

Step into the historical battleground of the Russo-Japanese War that unfolded on land and sea at the turn of the 20th century with Port Arthur, an engaging strategy game designed for 2 players, offering a playing time of 40-60 minutes. Players have the option to take command of the Japanese forces, or assume the role of the Russians forces, the contender. Can you, in the span of 6 turns, assert control over more zones than your opponent and emerge victorious in this historic conflict?

The heart of naval supremacy lies in the intricacies of ship management. Each vessel in the game possesses three key attributes, while a group of ships belonging to one side within a Sea Area is collectively referred to as a Fleet.

The gameplay unfolds in a structured turn sequence featuring various phases. From Fleet sortie, Operational Phase, and Scoring Phase to the Return to Port Phase and the advancement of the turn marker, each step is critical to success.

Victory conditions add depth to the challenge. A major victory is claimed if, by the end of the sixth turn, the Japanese fail to establish an army in Mukden. Alternatively, the player whose side of the Points of Control (POC) track the marker resides on emerges as the victor, with POCs, representing victory points, that shift dynamically as players gain or lose control of sea zones.


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