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Silver & Steel: A Drop-In Pathfinder 2E Campaign

Silver & Steel: A Drop-In Pathfinder 2E Campaign

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Join our Store GM Pixel for the start of a drop-in Pathfinder second edition campaign!

The woods are quiet, dark and deep,
with eyes that follow closely;
The paths are only safe to walk
as long as you're not lonely…

The ending of the Age of Stone came with the sealing of the Great Rifts, and the banishment of the demon princes, but Aekorion is entering its Third Age with dangers still crawling in the shadows.

The roads are dangerous to travel, the wilds are full of monstrous beings, and trade levels are falling as settlements withdraw into the safety behind their walls, but the roads are not empty. For one reason or another, you are traveling them, even as they trail around the edge of the deadly Arcan Woods…


Pathfinder is a fantasy role-playing game which will feel familiar to fans of other d20 games like D&D. Featuring rich, detailed character options and a progression system with meaningful decision-making, Pathfinder is a system which can really bring your character ideas to life at the table.


We will be starting with level 1 Pathfinder characters, and gaining a level at the end of every five-hour session as you engage with the world around you.

Common & Uncommon ancestries are available, as well as all General backgrounds, and all Core classes plus the Kineticist, Magus, Swashbuckler, Thaumaturge, and Witch. It is recommended that you use a service such aPathfinder Neuxs, HeroLab, or Pathbuilder to create & maintain your character.

Appropriately levelled pre-generated characters will be available upon request, although you are encouraged to bring your own; playing who you want to play is part of the fun!


13th April 2023: Join with a third level character.

11th May 2023: Join with a fourth level character.

Please contact us with a character concept if you would like us to provide you a character to play. 


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