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Game Envy: Hobby Holder – 3 Piece Set Painting Handle and Grip - Purple

Game Envy: Hobby Holder – 3 Piece Set Painting Handle and Grip - Purple

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The Hobby Holder (patent pending) is the only all-in-one miniature painting handle and grip and is hailed as the best on the market by painters all over the world. Used by tens of thousands painters world wide, The Hobby Holder is the most versatile and customizable painting handle available. Attach minis on or off bases of any size mounted on bottle caps or pinned to corks for easy touch-free miniature swapping (no fiddly clamps requiring two hands); use the Hobby Holder base by itself or with the stability bar for unparalleled support; flip the bar over and use it as a grip handle or check out one of our Grip Mods.

The new Ergonomic Grip gives even more support when attached to the bottom of the Hobby Holder Base and allows the use of the Stability Bar and Grip at the same time. Simply click in your Hobby Holder Threaded Base and start painting. The QuickClick design allows for Full 360 Degree Rotation of the Threaded Base with one hand while attached to the Ergonomic Grip.

The Ergonomic Grip is two pieces and can be taken apart and weighted if desired. It also has the option to add two standard nuts to screw in the original #6-32 bolt to lock down the Hobby Holder Threaded Base and now a 1/4″ bolt to attach larger platforms if desired.

The Hobby Holder is an amazing additional to any painter’s arsenal. 


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