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Dwarven Modern Dice Set: Gold

Dwarven Modern Dice Set: Gold

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The Shine of Wealth and Status

From the depths of mountains emerges a new glint of craftsmanship from the sturdy folk. Rune-bound with tenacity and perseverance, it's here to give you victory - if you're strong enough to wield it. Re-discover the Dwarven Dice in a Modern way, with the trusted symbols of dwarven battle axes and geometrical patterns. Now, in a mixed-gold material and sandy engravings.

These dice are forged to be your companions in the pursuit of victory, reserved for those whose strength matches the rugged resolve of the mighty dwarves. As you hold these dice, feel the weight of ancestral strength, the echoes of age-old battles, and the unbroken lineage of a race that thrives in the face of adversity.Β 

  • Q WORKSHOP has the honor to present the Dwarven Dice, paragons of ancient design long-awaited to return in strength.
  • This set consists of 7 solid pieces: D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D100, and Modern D4.
  • The dice background is mixed-gold, and the digits are painted to sandy color.
  • The design shows dwarven battle axes and geometrical patterns next to aged rune-like digits.


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