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Dire Dice Set

Dire Dice Set

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Sure, you could turn into a run of the mill basic wolf, and at lower levels, you probably did. But once you hit level 8, nothing’s stopping you from making things very dire for your enemies. 

Size: Large | Speed: 50 | AC: 14 | HP: 37 (5d10+10)
STR: 17 (+3) | DEX: 15 (+2) | CON: 15 (+2)
PP: 13 (adv on hearing & smelling) | Perception: +1
Bite (Melee, +5 to hit, 5 ft. reach, 2d6+3 Piercing) DC 13 STR save or be knocked prone.

Dire is an 8-piece engraved acrylic set in midnight grey with wolf transformation icons inked in moonlit white. Included is an alternate d20 in reverse colors.


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