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Community RPG Club

Community RPG Club

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Behold Games is passionate about nurturing the role-playing community, and we're excited to announce that some of our community members have taken the initiative to host open-table RPG sessions. These sessions are open to anyone who wishes to join them, simply reserve a spot by buying a ticket which covers the room hire for the community GM's use. Each week is a different RPG system, and beginners are absolutely welcome.

Upcoming Games:

10 April 2024. Raccoon Sky Pirates

You are a raccoon: a chittering, baggy-pants, ring-tailed burglar. You and your friends have built an implausible floating ship in the junkyard, and tonight you'll fly it across town to the suburbs in search of better trash.

Together, you'll navigate the treacherous neighborhoods, find a ripe, free-standing house with cable internet, steal as much as you can carry, and fend off the Neighborhood Watch — all while trying not to explode. In Raccoon Sky Pirates, it's all for one and one for all.

Flying a ship takes coordination and discipline. Unfortunately, you're a bunch of raccoons.

A game for 3–5 players.

24 April 2024. The Takings - Cypher System

It is 1921. Three young men have disappeared from a rural village in Devon. Authorities are called in, but the villagers have their own theory: a local myth tells of a vampire that, every few decades, steals away three young people. Is there any truth to the myth, or is something more mundane at work? And what does it all have to do with Creston Grange, the local manor house, now standing derelict and rumored to be one of the most haunted sites in England?

A game for 3-5 players.

08 May 2024. The Wildsea - The One-armed Scissor

A library ship, The One-Armed Scissor, is a month overdue for docking at the spit of Three Masks.

It's probably nothing, the residents tell themselves. Ships are delayed all the time by the unknowns of the rustling waves. Except... There was that rootquake, a while back, that shifted the old established trade routes. And the reports from other sailors of marauders at large, and pinwolves on the rise. And a cache of recently delivered books, their leather bindings ruined and their words run rampant and whispering.

Perhaps there's reason to worry.

And, perhaps, an opportunity for an enterprising crew...

Wildsea is set in a world toppled by a wave of fast growing greenery. Now chainsaw-driven ships cut their way across dense treetop waves, their engines powered by oilfruit, rope-golems, honey and pride. You play a wildsailor, part of a motley crew consisting of humanity’s weathered descendants, cactoid gunslingers, centipedal fungi, silk-clothed spiderfolk, and other, stranger things.

A game for 2-6 players.

22 May 2024. The Zone

Get lost in the dark! Mutate your friends! The Zone is a surreal, play-to-lose horror RPG, where we tell the story of a doomed expedition into the heart of a mysterious quarantine zone. Exactly what strange horrors lie within are shaped by each explorer's own obsessions and phobias, and the characters themselves are twisted and mutated by the zone in turn, until only one is left to claim the wish at the centre. Pack your glowsticks! (I will bring more than enough glowsticks for everyone, but I won't stop you if you want to bring your own too!)

A game for 1-5 players.

What you need to know:

  • The person running or facilitiating the game each week will explain the rules on the night, no need for preparation. Complexity will vary, but the vibe will always be casual and supportive. There won't be any pressure to "get the rules right".
  • They'll provide characters to choose from where appropriate.
  • They will try to capture the "vibe" of each game in the descriptions. Players are encouraged to match that energy.
  • Different games use different dice. They'll make sure to provide what is needed, but everyone is welcome to bring their own standard set if they want to.
  • The room will be open from 6pm and the introduction/game will start at 6:30.
  • All games are 18+

Any questions? Jump into our discord channel and get in touch with the GM's directly.


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