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Christmas Dice Set 2022 edition

Christmas Dice Set 2022 edition

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Feel the joy of celebration! Q WORKSHOP proudly presents the special edition of the Christmas Dice Set, bringing you the exquisite atmosphere wherever and whenever you are! Seven standard polyhedrons in an Icy Red color and golden engravings present digits crowned with reindeer hats and reindeer themselves adorning the highest face of each dice!

There is nothing like Christmas! It's the most wonderful time of the year. Even the anticipation is exciting, especially when Christmas decorations start to pop up around us! Of course, the legends and stories associated with these holidays are of great importance - the official ones, the ones created on the spot, and those not entirely serious. We've seen them all! The time has come to appreciate the elements of Christmas time that we have not yet glorified in our offer... Everyone, please welcome reindeer on dice!

According to a poem by Clement Moore from 1832, there were nine reindeer pulling Santa Claus' sleigh: Comet, Cupid, Blitzen, Dasher, Prancer, Dancer, Vixen, Donner, and Rudolph. We at Q WORKSHOP believe that reindeer deserve more than a few verses or fairy tales, so they get a whole set of polyhedral dice! Santa's Helpers are eager to bring you Christmas gifts and just had to jump on the highest faces of each dice.
Sure, the highest faces are not all that's important. The rest is adorned with appropriate digits, kept in a reindeer style: the Christmas font, the snowflakes around them, and the banded reindeer antlers! The color of icy red with golden painting also resonates with Christmas all over the place, so you will not run out of that special vibe, even throughout the whole year!

Christmas full of Reindeer
The Christmas season happens only once a year, but the Christmas Dice Set is perfect for enjoying its brimming atmosphere with no limits. Exceptionally festive engravings around the digits and the silhouettes of reindeer playing around on the highest faces will cheer everyone up!
Full of jolly - A new jolly approach to the Christmas Dice Set is here!
Festive - The dice material is Icy Red in color, with engravings painted golden; a truly festive theme!
Adorably Quirky - Legible, immersive digits are adorned with reindeer hats and surrounded by snowflakes!
Reindeer time - The highest face of each dice depicts silhouettes of reindeer in various poses!


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