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Carolingi (PREORDER)

Carolingi (PREORDER)

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Behold Games is pleased to partner with Sea Cove Games on their first Gamefound Campaign offering access to this game to Australia and New Zealand.  

Please note that adding any other items (apart from the game and the wooden box available separately here) to your order will double-charge you shipping - if you wish to do so please contact us first so we can ensure you're charged correctly.  Australia shipping is $16, NZ Shipping is $43. 

Winter 830: Disaster looms. The vast realm of Charlemagne threatens to fall apart under his son and successor Louis the Pious. Charlemagne's grandchildren are already competing for the throne, pushing their father aside. Strife and rebellion abound — the once stable kingdom is on the verge of war. Is there still hope for peace?

In Carolingi, the players assume the roles of the grandchildren of Charlemagne; they are the "Carolingi", who must live through the difficulties and central aspects of early medieval rule. The "Carolingi" have to wield their power by fealty of the nobility. The nobility, in turn, expect to be rewarded with vast estates, so the Carolingi have to seek more and more land and resources, but as the power base of one Carolingian gets stronger, so does the envy and greed of his royal siblings. There's need for action for the Carolingi, but not everything can be done at a time. Only prudent action will bring peace and stability to the realm.

The board shows the counties and regions of Carolingian times, and the game features an innovative system of action that guarantees an exciting, effortless gaming experience. Each game year consists of four quarters; in each quarter the players add two of their (wooden) action tiles to a bag, from which they are later drawn one at a time. This results in unpredictability (true to its time).

The game includes a competitive version and a semi-cooperative version.

The game ends in peace.

This is a crowdfunded campaign preorder, the delivery ETA currently September 2024 (although likely later in 2024), if you wish to stay up to date on delivery please return to this page for updates or join our preorder Facebook group.


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