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Sirius Dice

Be My Nat 20 D20 Necklace

Be My Nat 20 D20 Necklace

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Give the gift of beauty and fortune to someone special this Valentine's Day!

The "Be My Nat 20" D20 Necklace is a must-have accessory for tabletop game aficionados! This enchanting necklace showcases a crescent moon pendant embracing a 22mm Snowglobe D20 that spins freely and can be effortlessly detached for precision rolling. The D20 is expertly designed with sharp edges, guaranteeing those game-changing Nat 20 rolls. Spin the die and watch as heart-shaped glitter dances in a mesmerizing cascade of red.

With a supple cord necklace for ultimate comfort, the "Be My Nat 20" D20 Necklace not only adds a touch of fantasy to your look but also ensures a stylish and enjoyable tabletop gaming experience.


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