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Age of Plastic Dice Cup - Blue

Age of Plastic Dice Cup - Blue

Q Workshop
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For centuries historians and archaeologists have defined periods of human history by the technologies or materials that made the greatest impact on society—like the Stone Age, the Bronze Age or the Iron Age. But what age was last before the Internet Age? The Plastic Age of course. Therefore, Q WORKSHOP proudly introduces Age Of Plastic Dice Cups - our tribute to the times when everything was colorful and made from artificial materials. 

We created our Dice Cups as colorful and shiny as things were back then, yet made them from recyclable material (PVC) that is both flexible and durable at the same time. They look like glass jars from fairy tales or futuristic laboratories, where the secrets of the universe are being revealed. This shiny transparent red container is an accolade to the times when all games were as fresh as new. 

Our Dice Cup is specifically designed to keep your dice safe in any circumstances.  It has been tested with three full sets of dice and all of them fit perfectly! Each cup and lid are handmade with great patience and loving skill. The separate parts are sewn together with durable transparent string.

The Dice Cup you receive might vary slightly in dimensions and colors due to the nature of used material and the fact that the product is being 100% handmade.

Includes 2 random Q Workshop Dice.