2022 Retrospective

As 2023 draws to a close I started thinking about everything Behold Games has achieved this year and thought you all might enjoy this retrospective with me....

January-March 2022: We officially started opening the shop on Saturdays, and started stocking MTG products after becoming a WPN registered store. Our gaming space opened and board game meetups resumed and our MTG events started. We exhibited at our first CollectorCon event and Hani our first employee helped out. Our lovely Pathfinder group started booking the space.

April-June 2022: Hosted the NSW Catan State Championship! It was our first real test of running the store at capacity and an honour to be invited to run this event. Opened preorders for Oranienburger Kanal - the biggest Spielworxx partnership to date (expected to now arrive in Feb 2023). Ran our first MTG Pre-release in store.

July-September 2022: Free RPG Day! This was a great fun event and we loved everyone who came in to grab some free stuff, play a free RPG session, and purchase goodies to support the store. Hosted the Netrunner Sydney group. Sydney Central Board Games meetup started hosting their saturday events in store. Our Store GMs Pixel and Conan started running paid RPG sessions. Started stocking Vallejo paints. 18xx Game Day ran over a whole weekend.

October-December 2022: We attended our last regular CollectorCon. Chessex Lab Dice arrived and oh my they were popular. Josh started working in the store. MTG Events, RPG sessions, and the board game events continued strong, and we've loved seeing the new communities in store around these events. The Behold Games Dice Advent launched, and sold out. Board Game Cruise Australia event ran (and we're already planning the next one).

What a year, thank you everyone for your support this year, from the best dice goblins, my new MTG Commander community, the boardย game event attendees who helped me start this whole thing, and my online customers whose names I know and I hope to see your faces in store at some point in the future if you can make it up to Sydney.ย 

I hope you all have a great 2023!ย 

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