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Q Workshop

St. Patrick Modern Dice Set: Lucky Charm


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What a fluke! Q WORKSHOP proudly presents the St. Patrick Modern Dice Set: Lucky Charm. Seven green polyhedrons with yellow engravings (including Modern D4) show different symbols on each of them: a four-leaf clover, a pot of gold, a pipe, a hat, a horseshoe, a mug, and a shamrock! All this to bring you as much luck as possible during your dice rolls!

Better than a rabbit’s foot!

Let's face it: any game requires luck from time to time. With that in mind, there is nothing better than dice with symbols meant to attract good fortune! When combined with the vivid green color of hope and the inspirational yellow color, only good things can come out of this elixir. You will no longer need any other amulet or any small rituals that attract the gracious eye of your fortune. These polyhedrons are all you want! Fortunately, you'll already have them in your hands, ready and able to grant unbelievable crits to your rolls!

  • Never enough good things — Each dice has different symbols on its faces, and all of them are kept in the same cheerful style!
  • A variety of fortune — The symbols on the walls are a four-leaf clover, a pot of gold, a pipe, a hat, a horseshoe, a mug, and a shamrock, all surrounded by small sparkles!
  • All at once — this set includes 7 pieces: Modern D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D100.
  • Roll the table — The Modern D4 in this set has larger sides and rounded edges that make it easier to roll on the table!
  • A life full of colors — The dice have a vivid green background, with the paintings being yellow, which attracts eyesight and luck!