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Wiz Dice

Sparkle Vomit Titan Dice


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Favor of the Glitz

Titan Gods get sick, too! Instead of retching up a gooey puddle, they hurl dry, sparkling rocks that drop from the heavens and land in random places. For some reason, the human eye finds them... visually appealing.

Today is your lucky day, because you've happened to pass a heaping pile of them: a complete set of 7 just in the grass, glistening like diamonds. Quick! Gather these immortal stones of bile, and take advantage of their shimmering powers at your next tournament.

All dice, whether stone, resin, or vomit, tell a story. Tell yours!

Why You'll Love It

In this set, you'll find a complete set of classic RPG dice suitable for dungeon delvers, pathfinders, and dragon slayers. Named for the colossal and primordial gods of old, Titan Dice are hulking polyhedral giants engraved with mythic runes. While most poly sets are on a 16mm standard, these 25mm standard mammoths are over twice as large, twice as heavy, and have twice the impact when you bust them out for your most important rolls. This Sparkle Vomit Titan Dice set is a blown up version of our original set from Series III: Trickster's Trove.