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Q Workshop

Q Workshop: Advent Dice Calendar #02 (2021)


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Christmas is coming! Don't you just love counting down days to Santa's visit? Q WORKSHOP gives you a countdown sweet, but not fattening. Each slot bringing joy and being practical at the same time! Each day-slot hides a special die for you, with a metal bonus at the end! There's even a full set of Santa's Dice in never-seen-before color theme! Enjoy each day with a new die!

Some of us enjoy the thrill of the waiting and the consecutive discovery of such mysteries. Some of us are more prone to the tension… or simply less patient. It’s up to you if you’ll break it all up at once, or uncover the secret dice step by step, day by day! Let us shine some light on what the Advent Dice Calendar has in store for you.

In this new edition of the Advent Dice Calendar, we have even more treasures for you! Alongside the random-picked die in each slot, you’ll also get a new color theme of Santa Dice - this time with a unique surprise die added to the set, and of course, there’s a special metal die waiting for you in the last slot. Prepare for something truly unusual!


  • The Advent Dice Calendar consists of 24 dice, each within a separate slot.
  • The dice inside the Calendar are randomly picked from Q Workshop’s designs including this year's premiers like Dice Macabre, Starfinder/Pathfinder, My Very First Set etc.
  • Each Advent Dice Calendar is guaranteed to have a full Santa’s Dice set in a new color + unique rounded D4, and metal die in the last slot.