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Marigold 55mm D20 w/Random Inclusion (Gold Ink)


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Marigold 55mm D20 w/Random Inclusion (Gold Ink)

- Large 55mm Size
- Contains a REAL Marigold flower (Colours range from purple, yellow, to orange - randomly selected)
- Features a synthetic bug/bee/ladybug resting on flower (randomly selected)
- Razor edge for better visibility and overall appeal
- Gold Inking
- Currently only 9 created

Pictures are indicative only of what you MIGHT get. If you have a colour or inclusion preference we can't promise you'll get it, but chuck it in your order comments!

Quality notes: This product has been a long time in the making. The process of getting a real flower to flow into the resin without creating bubbles or destroying the flower is very difficult. Because these are REAL flowers there will be variations in the size of the flower, some taking up the full inside of the die and other taking up much less space. Some of the flowers are very vibrant where others are slightly more subtle. In any event the dice are incredibly unique. The pictures of these dice have not been edited, but they are under significant light on a white background.