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Lancer RPG (Massif Exclusive Alternative Cover) - PREORDER 26 JUNE

Lancer RPG (Massif Exclusive Alternative Cover) - PREORDER 26 JUNE

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A Mud-and-Lasers Tabletop Roleplaying Game of Modular Mechs and the Pilots that crew them. Created in partnership with Massif Press, Dark Horse Books presents LANCER.

15,000 years into the future, humanity has survived near collapse and since expanded ever wider into the frontiers of space, organized by UNION, the central hegemon of the populated galaxy. At Unionโ€™s heart, the dream of human utopia has been realized; but
Lancer is set at the trembling edges of the expansion where resistance to the ideals of the utopia grow.

As a lancer, you pilot a mech as unique as yourself. You are, by training, luck, circumstance, or work, one of the best. In this era near the golden age, you have one question to answer above all: who do you fight for?

Lancer features a deep, story-rich setting for players to engage with. Every choice they make, every ordnance they mount, every weapon they wield โ€” all of it has lore attached, just waiting for a story to develop.

This is the Massif Exclusive Alternative Cover - available for a limited time only.ย 
PREORDER ONLY - 26th of June 2024


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