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Gaming Paper Original Tan 1″ Square Roll

Gaming Paper Original Tan 1″ Square Roll

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Gaming Paper is the latest innovation in roleplaying and miniatures accessories and is a low-cost alternative to expensive battlemaps and tile sets. It's an inexpensive, reusable and disposable product for gamers.

Sold in convenient rolls that are 30″ wide and 12′ long, for 30 square feet of playing surface.

The paper can be cut using ordinary scissors to suit your needs, and you can write on it permanently and in methods that allow for it to be reused!

Gaming Paper has this in their FAQ: 

Q: What are the best writing utensils for use with Gaming Paper?
A: We recommend sharpies for permanent drawings, or pencils (regular and/or colored pencils) for drawings that you’d want to erase.


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