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Free RPG Day: 22nd of June 2024 - RPG Session Tickets

Free RPG Day: 22nd of June 2024 - RPG Session Tickets

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Join community and staff GM's for our special 'Free RPG Day' in store RPG taster sessions in store on June 22nd 2024.

Each session is $10 which is redeemable as a voucher in store towards a single purchase on Free RPG Day, or if you really loved the session and don't want to buy anything, don't let the voucher go to waste, hand your voucher to the staff at the counter and let us know which GM you'd love us to tip with it.ย 

Please note that many sessions feature adult themes, and are not suitable for children.ย 

Need to cancel?

Please get in touch ASAP and we'll refund your ticket provided it is before 8am on FreeRPG day.ย 

What do you need to bring?

We strongly recommend you bring a set of dice (or buy a set on the day), and a notepad and pen as some adventures may require you to make notes or mark up a character sheet. All adventures will provide you with a character to play.ย 

If registering forย Lancer it is recommend you bring a device capable of using the Comp/Con website to operate your mech.ย 

ย 9:00AM to 12:30PM

1:00PM to 4:30PM

4:30PM to 8:00PM

Affair of the Brown Dog (Candela Obscura)

Newfaire has been wracked by a political conflict between the medical establishment and abolitionists over a scandalous public vivisection. While women in white have picketed the medical school, student doctors have rioted in the streets over the slander of their profession. Thus, the murder of a leading vivisectionist threatens to spark uncivil war.

GM: Peter (He/Him)

Another Bug Hunt (Mothership RPG)

The Greta Base Terraforming Colony has not made contact with the Company in six months. Last we heard, the skeleton crew who established the Colony discovered a species of aggressive arthropods, but they were terminated on sight. You're being sent to clear the immediate area of any so-called "carcinids", and retrieve any scientific samples... not interested? Too bad. No way you're willing to turn down a whole *month* of hazard pay...

GM: Pixel (She/Her)

Tombs of Delios (Lancer RPG)

A USB archaeological team was assigned to Delios, a remote FirstComm-era colonial world. They made a shocking discovery of people preserved in cryo-stasis in ancient tunnels deep beneath the old colony site. Shortly after this report the USB team signal went completely dark. Your Lancer Squad has been tasked with finding the USB team on the planet.ย 

GM: Jay (They/Them)


Raccoon Sky Pirates

You are a raccoon: a chittering, baggy-pants, ring-tailed burglar. You and your friends have built an implausible floating ship in the junkyard, and tonight you'll fly it across town to the suburbs in search of better trash. Flying a ship takes coordination and discipline. Unfortunately, you're a bunch of raccoons.

Facilitator: Blair (He/Him)

Lunarious (Vampire the Masquerade)

The Prince of Perth, Krosious, has been missing for almost a month now and the Vampires of the city are growing restless. You and your fellow neonates have been summoned to a secret meeting with the Seneschal, Thaddeus, the vampire leading the city in the Prince's absence.

Storyteller: Ian (He/Him)

Dead Light (Call of Cthulhu)

1920s, the Arkham countryside, a rainy evening. A chance roadside meeting will lead the party into an unsettling mystery that opens the doors to a more profound encounter.

Keeper: Peter (He/Him)

Cellar of Death (D&D)

A strange magical sickness is sweeping the land, and one of your adventuring party is a recent victim. The Harpers have approached the rest of your party for help combating the plague, but first they need answers, and have enlisted you to help with a dangerous and audacious plan to force the aid of a dangerous Lich in learning all they can about the deadly magic.

DM: Ian (He/Him)

Murder on the Eberron Express (D&D)

You are all passengers on the Eberron Express, an impressive lightning rail train service connecting the major cities of Khorvaire. This is a murder mystery where players will need to use their wits and wiles to locate the murderer on the train, before it's too late! Can you solve the mystery, or will you be the next victim?

DM: Jay (They/Them)

Tabula Rasa (D&D)

You wake up by a campfire to the sounds of fighting and no memory of who you are. At least the others around the fire are in the same situation, surely, they're allies? Probably. Maybe? Start the game with your character sheets blocked out, and learn what you can do and who you are over the course of 3 hours.

DM: Blair (He/Him)



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