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Strata Miniatures

Dungeons and Diversity Tiefling Cleric (Metal/Resin)


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Everyone can be a hero! This highly detailed miniature is a perfect model for your fantasy roleplaying games.

A gentle heart and an inner strength, they are one who shines a light in the dark to guide others to safety. With faith in their cause, they are an ally in both the din of battle and the quiet of night’s watch.

As well as owning a unique and lovingly created character, buying this model will help support disability work with Strata Minatures donating 25% of the profit to

Keen to use the new Wheelchair 5e Mod rules? Go check out for the latest free rules to use with these minis!

Material: Resin/Metal
Multi-part set assembly required.
These are not toys and are not suitable for children.