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Wayward Masquerade

Dragon Bagons: Plush Dragon Dice Bag (Black/Red)


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Do you need a dragon in your life?

Once sworn enemies, adventurers and dragons are forming a new alliance based on their mutual love of hoarding shiny things.
Dragon Bagons are ferociously adorable dragons who love to hoard dice and other treasures.

First launched on Kickstarter and now looking for new adventures around the world, Dragon Bagons are made of cuddly fleece and stand 8 - 8 1/2 inches tall. Flip back their head to reveal a double drawstring dicebag belly that will comfortably hoard 100 standard dice.

Be sure to regularly top up your Dragon Bagon’s hoard or they may decide to go hunting for loot on their own, and that’s often awkward to explain to the neighbours.

On the upshot, your treasures will have a fierce guardian. The trick is convincing them to share.

  • Do NOT let Dragon Bagons make friends with pets. They may conspire against you.
  • Do NOT keep too many Dragon Bagons in one area. They may fight, or worse, join forces. 
  • Keep Dragon Bagons away from flammable objects and sources of ignition. They don’t need any encouragement.
  • Do NOT give Dragon Bagons coffee. Seriously.

Wayward Masquerade takes no responsibility for singed eyebrows, pillaged kingdoms, burnt villages, belligerent knights, or kidnapped royalty arising from the use of Dragon Bagons.


Dragon Bagons are intended for ages 12 years and up. This is largely due to the plastic eyes and drawstring presenting a hazard to small children. We do NOT recommend leaving children unsupervised with Dragon Bagons at any time.