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1860: Railways on the Isle of Wight


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A game tracing the development of railways on the Isle of Wight, 1860 is part of the 18xx series of economic railway games, based on Francis Tresham's original concepts.

As in other 18xx games, the winner is the player with the greatest combined wealth (cash on hand + value of stocks held + value of private companies owned) at the end of the game. Play progresses in a series of alternating stock and operating rounds. During stock rounds, players may purchase and sell stock in corporations. During operating rounds, the corporations lay track, place railway stations (tokens), run trains for revenue to be withheld or paid out, and purchase trains. The player who owns the most stock in a given corporation makes all decisions for said corporation during an operating round.

The game is notable for the small size of the board compared to many 18xx games, and its innovative game end: The climax of play sees the beginnings of railway nationalization in the United Kingdom, with the weakest companies being eliminated from private operation earlier than those which are the healthiest.

After years being out of print, All-Aboard Games is proud to bring back the clever and intricate 1860 in collaboration with original designer, Mike Hutton. This reprint combines the best of both worlds, the designer's original art and vision with AAG's best-in-class production and quality! 

This is the 2021 Kickstarter from All Aboard Games and includes the kickstarter exclusive expansion.